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Mind Map VR / マインドマップVR review

4.2 / 5


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2 GB available space

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Mind Map VR / マインドマップVR Review

Mind Map VR / マインドマップVR is an application developed by VR-AR Corp. Mind Map VR / マインドマップVR was first published on . The app is currently available for Steam.

About This Software

The idea that flashed at a moment, a moment fades away immediately.
I float those ideas on the sky in sequence and expose it until a thought under the unconsciousness that I was not able to be aware of by looking by overlook.
Our mind mapping tool helps with your thought.

Mind mapping only in VR

Placement to the space that I was not able to form realizes placement characteristics and list of characteristics of the infinity that is not tied up in the small view area with the PC monitor.

Voice Input

I adopted voice inputting as one of the solutions of the text inputting in VR.

Flow not to disturb the flash of the idea

I can perform a connection and the rearranging of the idea later. At first let's float the words that floated on the sky in sequence.

Sensible operation

It is simple by a function as much as possible and realizes sensible operation by being specialized in a mind mapping.

Undo and Redo

I can perform voice inputting, movement, a connection, deletion, all operation at will.
The trial and error is necessary to widen a thought.

  • Means of the character input becomes only the Voice Input in now.:
    Because they save it in text file (CSV), the data can have you edit that place directly when there is not it with the sentence that they aimed at.
  • Please use trial version for operation check:
    Trial versions are restricted for NEW and SAVE AS.

Mind Map VR / マインドマップVR

4.2 / 5

Mind Map VR / マインドマップVR Logo
Author: VR-AR Corp
Size: 2 GB available space

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