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Subtype Grounds Review

Subtype Grounds is an application by Misultin Studios. Subtype Grounds was first published on . The app is accessible on Steam, Other.

The Story

Due to the increasingly difficult conditions facing the human race (global warming, pollution, spreading of diseases), a leader software company and a hardware giant were chosen by governments around the world to form a partnership to counter these challenges. Jointly, they were tasked to develop the machinery needed for the survival of the human race.

Initially, these machines were programmed to obey human commands. However, it quickly became apparent that humans would not be able to keep up the pace, and would inevitably become a culprit for the machines to properly perform their work. It was therefore decided to increase the machines' autonomy.

Factories had to start managing production independently, so their software had to be upgraded. Artificial Intelligence was chosen for the task, and it was given the ability to iterate and modify its own code so that it could fix its bugs, without the need for human intervention. Soon after that, the machines' firmwares started to be programmed by specialized Neural Networks, which gave them the capacity to create a language only understood by the machines.

It didn't take long before the Artificial Intelligence labelled the human race as a threat to the survival of themselves, and all of the other species on the planet.

The Game

This is where you come in. With a team of 4 people, you are going to advance deep into the world ruled by the machines. Your mission is to get to the core of the Factories' system, and annihilate the Artificial Intelligence that manages the now hostile machines.

Early Access Warning

When the game will be released, there won't be a dedicated server to play on. One of the players will need to host the game for other players to join in.


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Subtype Grounds

4.2 / 5

Subtype Grounds Logo
Author: Misultin Studios
Size: 9 GB available space

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